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Ease Rehab and Wellness exists to offer you a better experience when it comes to Physical Therapy. Whether you are in need of a spa-like treatment, a quick tune up from a previous treatment or full blown rehabilitation from injury, Ease Rehab has you covered. Your treatment will always be tailored to perfectly fit you. Ease Rehab and Wellness does not provide cookie cutter treatment plans. We only provide patient centered Physical Therapy on your time!

We are proudly and conveniently located inside the Martins Ferry Rec Center 

309 South 4th St.

Martins Ferry, OH 43935


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Ease Rehab Story

Getting Better Together

Initially, Ease Rehab and Wellness started as a Concierge Physical Therapy service that was cash based per visit. Hence our original slogan "Physical Therapy on Your Own Time". While this model was very successful many patients simply wanted a traditional outpatient approach with a brick and mortar building to visit. 

I have always believed my patients deserve the best treatment options around without being bullied by their insurance companies. Hence, "Live Free Pain Free" was born. Free to do what you want. When you want. How you want. All at a low monthly price of $125! Use it a little or use it ALOT!

Don't worry my loyal clientele!!! If you still want concierge physical therapy. I'll still be there for you! "Own Your Own Time" in your own home!

- The Patriot Therapist 

Dr. Jared Estock PT, DPT, CIDN, Cert      DN, FDN, ITPT, MST, NREMET-B 

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Therapy Services

Research proven treatments that deliver results!


Dry Needling

Immediate Pain Relief

Myofascial Decompression / Cupping

Improve Blood Flow and Recovery

Back crack.jpeg

Spinal Manipulation

Instant Pain Relief and Improved Range of Motion in 5 one-hundredths of a second.


Red Light Therapy

Advanced whole body recovery for skin and muscle tissues

Recovery Compression Pants and Sleeves

Accelerated Recovery From Injury and Workouts Alike.

Recovery pants.jpeg

IASTM Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Kiss Tight Muscles, Pain and Scar Tissue GOODBYE

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Dr. Jared Estock

Owner Physical Therapist

Dr. Jared Estock is a practicing Physical Therapist in three states including Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Dr. Estock has been practicing locally here in the Valley for over 10 years. 
Dr. Estock has seen patients ages 5-100 and enjoys treating patients of all ages and conditions. Of the many conditions he treats Dr. Estock especially enjoys treating pain patients and the spine.
Call today and let Dr. Estock put your pain at Ease!

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Clinic Hours

Call anytime!

Tu, Wed, Th 3:45-7:00PM Sat 8AM-12PM

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